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I will be taking these two exams shortly. But with just these two what can I realistically expect to find in the way of work. Should I just wait to get my first degree and a few other certs before looking for a job in this field?


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    No get into the field as fast as possible and start self studying for certifications. Check the objectives and when you feel ready take the exam. Experience is whats going to get a job. Certs help but all three are the best "Certifications, Degree. Experience".

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    Are you in school now? If you are stay in school and get your degree. If you are in school and want to work, see if you can get something on campus, or maybe a part-time job with an ISP in your area.
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    Also, look at local churches and non profit agencies in the area to see if they need technical assistance with networking or computers. You never know when they may need some help. Volunteering does wonders for your resume, giving you technical experience while making your resume stronger. The only downside is no paycheck, but it does help.
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