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I took core exam on jul,26. and I passed.Today I take os exam ,and passed too!so happy,now I wll be a+ certification.but I want to know where can I find some employment information related to a+ technician.Thank you very much! :D


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    If you're just looking for a job with A+, try, or,, are a bunch of different sites that have job listings. If you just want more info on the cert, check Comptias site.
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    Congrats on certifying! And good luck on your job search. But don't stop now, start planning on your next certification.
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    which certificate is useful for looking for a job,can you give me more information.thank you!
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    Congratulations on becoming A+ certified!

    If you don't have much experience with IT work, a good certification to work on next in Network+. Like A+, it's an entry-level exam, but in studying for it, you gain a very good basic knowledge of networking. And, if you're going very far in IT, you can't avoid networking.

    Then you have the Microsoft certs for MCP. These are certifications regarding working with Microsoft OSs--something you'll never avoid either! If you have some networking experience already, you would probably go for one of these certs.

    Best of luck!
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    I would say after A+ / Net+, you could go for MCDST . It's two exams, and relatively easy, as long you know Windows XP well. That may help get an entry-level helpdesk / tech support position, in which you could further your education, and experience.
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    how many exams on mcp?thank you!
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    rx506 wrote:
    how many exams on mcp?thank you!

    Only takes 1 (qualified) Microsoft exam.
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