Can you beat this? No I am definitely the weiner.

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Just passed this one with 731, not great but still it's done.
About 18 months ago I sat this exam 6x times and failed. I finally had to leave it and try something else. I read the MSPress book over and over; and although it covered everything (except WSUS), the info never stuck and I basically learnt buggerall.
Note, never study for an exam when moving house, paying for a bridging loan, dealing with a house that's not selling, vandals smashing your windows and trying to find another job.

This time around (after spending alot more time as an IT admin) I used TestOut which taught me everything that re-reading MSPress couldn't. Wish I knew about TestOut years ago. Definitely will be using it from now on.

The exam has changed alot since a year n half ago. Questions are much, much shorter, only 1x sim and a lot of qu's seem very general. It's not hard, it's just tricky in places.

It's all a bit anti-climatic but I'm so glad that I can now move on to 293 and on with life. MCSA achieved, just 2x more to go.

I told my wife that if I failed it this time I'll have to quit IT and go work on a fishing boat. She agreed. Could have been a nice career move though...


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    Excellent, congrats Mike!
  • SlowhandSlowhand MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, MCSA: Windows Server 2003/2012/2016, CCNA Routing & Switchi Bay Area, CaliforniaMod Posts: 5,163 Mod
    Congrats on the pass, and BIG kudos for not giving up on this exam. icon_thumright.gif

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    good job brother!

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    Congrats, way to stick with it icon_thumright.gif

    I wouldn't put too much weight on changing careers if you can't pass some of these exams. There's IT people all over with no certs who make good money and are awesome at what they do. Passing exams and getting certified is just a small fraction of the overall picture of being an IT professional.

    ...although, working on a fishing boat does sound like fun icon_smile.gif
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    Wow way to stick with it. 6x i think is the most i have ever hear anyone failing so sticking with it was definately top notch on your end. Congrats on the pass and keep us posted with future studies.

    Ask away if you got questions.
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    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif

    You said weiner!! icon_lol.gif (sorry, Bevis & Butthead flashback -- or would that be SouthPark?)
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    Thanks to all for the kudos.

    I think if you fail 3x times you ought to stop and reconsider your game plan, coz something obviously aint working. Guess I was too stubborn and impatient to realise that.

    See you all in the 293 forums. icon_smile.gif
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