Passed 298/299! MCSE:S!!!

tomkentomken Member Posts: 63 ■■□□□□□□□□
Nailed these two exams today! Started with the 298 first, figured I'd get that bugger out of the way, ended up with 848. Took a 15 minute break to refill my lungs ;), then sat down for the 299. Walked away with a 902! Both exams were pretty straight forward - all multiple choice, no sims or drag 'n drops!

It is finally good to be an MCSE:S!!!!! While it may seem that I finished this process fairly quickly, I actually started back in May of '07. Let's just say that I had a hard time keeping myself motivated, and was easily distracted!!! I just made up my mind that I was going to get it done this year and really put my nose to the grindstone. I cut out all TV and and studied for at least three hours just about everyday. If I couldn't be at a computer, I'd be reading a book (On a raft in the pool ;) ) I used the MS Press books, ExamCram books, TestOut, CBT Nuggets, Virtual Lab and last but not least - Transcenders. When I first got started and passed an exam, i would take a break for a week or so. Now, I am addicted. I am usually working on my next exam while doing final review for the one I am about to take!!!! So I actually started watching Trainsignal videos for the 70-649 exam a few days ago.

See you guys in the MCITP forums!!!!


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