I must have caught the Cisco bug

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Well I think I must have caught the Cisco bug. I have just passed my CCNA and promised my self I would take a break and get my life back. However I'm finding myself itching to get studying again. I think this is because I'm finding it very rewarding at work now that I can start picking up the BAU networking tasks. What I'm finding frustrating is that a large portion of the work I'm doing is around making changes on the ASA's and I feel that I would like a deeper knowledge so I'm better equipped to take on the changes myself without needing to speak to the senior network engineer all the time. The CCNA has given me the ability to perfom network changes and troubleshoot issues and if their is an issue or change I'm not to sure about then I now know where to start looking to resolve it. However I think a deeper insight into security would really help me and I'm really enjoying getting involved with the security side.

I have been reading through the forums and it would seem that most people have found that the CBT with good old Jeremy and the official Cisco book is the prefered learning path. Is the official Cisco book the one by Michael Watkins and Kevin wallace? My next question is do you think GNS3 is enough lab wise or shall I just go for it and get the cisco kit. I like the idea of getting the kit although not quite sure what impact it will have on the electricity bill?

Well any advice opinons is always much appreciated.


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