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hey guys, just wrote my ccna2 (routing protocols and concepts) final exams and i passed with 86.4%. We used the ccna Exploration for the class, hoping to start ccna3( lan switching and wireless) next week by God's grace. Just wondering if there's any advice i can get from someone on the forum on how to approach ccna3. Any advice on maybe the books to or other things will be greatly appreciated. The ccna Exporation is the material we are going to use again for ccna3. advice/experience/must knows on ccna2 : > basic router config > configuring static, default and dynamic routes > diffs between distance vector(RIPV1&2, IGRP & EIGRP) and linkstate(IS-IS & OSPF) protocols > route summarization and vlsm > diffs btwn classful and classless routing protocols > configuring routing protocols such as RIPV1&2, EIGRP & OSPF and so much morecc


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    Study the labs, download them and do them frequently. Create your own labs and have a buddy break them and troubleshoot it. The online course materials plus the Cisco Press CCNA study library and portable command guide was all I used.

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    Cisco 3 will be heavy into switching. Lab everything out. Make sure you spend time understanding STP since it's fairly confusing when you first read about it.

    If you have packet tracer I have a few challenge type activities on the blog in my comment. Once you get through Cisco 3 try them out. There are no walkthroughs. You should be able to troubleshoot them easily. Just a note, they only work on 5.2 at this time since Cisco decided backwards compatibility wasn't needed. Classes just started for me this semester so I'll port them to <= 5.1 once I finish a few things in these classes.
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