Doing Linux+ after passing LPI-level.

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I am currently studying for LPI 101-level 2 and I am thinking of doing Linux+ too.
I did the sample questions from the CompTIA and could answer pretty easily.

What I want to know is, would I be able to do Linux+ with the knowledge of LPI-level 1?
I was thinking getting practice exams from Transcend but the for the exam and practice exam it's gonna cost about $400. And another $300 for the LPI.

So I was thinking whether I should bypass the Transcend.

Any ideas guys.



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    Why would you need the Linux+ exam if you have the LPI 1 and 2? I enjoy studying for certifications to help me master a technology, but I can't see why you would wan to spend the money unless you were sure that having both the LPI certs and the Linux+ cert would help your career. Do you see a lot of Linux+ requests on the job sites for your area?
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    Hello Robert.

    Thank you for the input.
    Actually I will not be (atleast I don't think I'd be) working in a job requires me exclusive Linux ability. I am majoring in broadband wireless (PHY layer) but I heard from many people that many front end devices they use are based on Linux. Although I probabaly will not need a certification handle those, I thought it can be an added qualification when out there looking for job

    Why I want to do Linux+ is because I see (or I think) that it is a little more well-known than LPI. Also having an added certification cannot harm you right? I see the contents are similar and was wondering whether I should do that too.

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    I did the Linux+ more for fun last year, I talked to one of the girls at work and she said I should do one on the christmas party. Few weeks later I did it, then I thought about other certs.

    The girl I am talking about spent a lot of money into the RHCE and failed, but got the RHCT in the week she booked in London for the test and practice. So I thought let's do the non-profit test from LPI, this is actual more open source thinking.

    The LPI is much harder than Linux+ and you should not have a problem doing it. But, while LPIC 101 is more installation and hardware and the LPIC 102 is more server and infrastructure, the Linux+ is a mix of those. From Installation over configuration and subnetting to administration.

    Hope this helps... icon_thumright.gif
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    Thanks disl. That helps a lot.
    I want to move on to CWNA after finishing (and hopefully) passing LPIC 102, so before that I thought maybe add Linux+ too IF I can do it without spending any time on studying. Guess I will give it a go.

    Would you mind telling me what book you used for LPIC 102.

    I used LPI In a Nutshell but yesterday found out that it is based on older syllabus. So I bought the Sybex version and started studying.
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    I have the same book LPI in a Nutshell, it's from 2007 and still a good ressource.
    Here are some very useful links:

    detailed objectives:
    LPI Linux Certification/LPIC1 Exam 101/Detailed Objectives - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
    LPI Linux Certification/LPIC1 Exam 102/Detailed Objectives - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

    Know about all those commands/files and what they actual do, then you are good to go.

    Those tutorials explain in deep what you need to know:
    Linux Professional Institute (LPI) exam prep : Overview

    The Tutorials are not complete (unfortunately) but very good.

    The most important thing is practice and understanding...

    //edit: in the exam I had some not pure Linux related questions. Like troubleshoot a mysql query or network topologies and stuff. I had my network+ already this was very helpful. Those questions were not too hard if you have a little experience.

    //edit: btw the LPIC-1 is 101 and 102, the LPIC-2 is 201 and 202... I guess you meant 102, right?
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    Thanks a lot Disl.

    Yes I meant 102.
    I have minimal to zero knowledge on MySQL. I think the LPI in a Nutshell does not contain any MySQL chapters.
    I hope I can get through this soon. Before I forget my 101 stuff.

    BTW, do you think I still need to remember 101 stuff for the 102? Like RMP commands and options?

    Thank you.
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