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hi everyone i am hoping to taket the a plus on monday and would really appreciate any pointers that you could send my way as i have been at the book for a while now and i really need to pass it thank you


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    Try to focus on:

    *Basic Networking Concepts (Topologies,Wireless, Ethernet, Internet Connectivity and etc)
    *Installing Devices (Floppy, Hard Drive, CD-rom, RAM,Ide Cables and etc)
    *Upgrading PC's
    *Distinguish between popular CPU types, Motherboard components and SCSI devices.
    *Printers and Printer problems
    *IRQ's, DMA's, I/O addresses

    There are obviousley more objectives but that's the kind of concepts i got hit with on the exam.
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    thanks bro as the jitters has got me all over worring about this thing i tell you it takes some healthy nerves doing this beleive me
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    First, check the Objectives . Make sure you can answer one question on each objective, even if it's a question you make up. Second, get some good study material. I used Mike Myers AIO guide, which I liked. I also used this sites FREE Technotes . I would reccomend using a second source for studies, to cover any overlaps. Thirdly, and maybe most importantly....STAY AWAY FROM BRAINDUMPS!!! Check here , for a good article explaining ****.

    Remember, it's not impossible, if you want it.
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    Stick with knowing the objectives and look for exam advisory/tips in the books you are reading. icon_study.gif Most importantly----> the night before, shut the book up early in the evening, do something fun and get a good night's sleep. sleeping.gif
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    icon_redface.gif Oh yeah----> Good Luck !!!
    "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"
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    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    thank you guys and the administrator of the website. i took it monday morning and there were a few of questions about internet technology and floppy drive cables hard drives compatibility but it was all good to go i mean i worried but it all became lite after i did it thaqnk you again guys anyone taking it now take my advice as well read alot on mainboards and processors and the stuff above as well
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    I know its been a long time but i have been trying to get prepared for this 70290 and its been hell but i knocking it one by one till i get it. just want to know the passing score and any advice you guy have up your sleeve the a plus OS was a tough one i really had to go over that exam twice before i submitted it to make sure i passed. and i would tell anyone work hard to know your os inside out because i tought and knew it till it made me sweat. network plus was easy to work with beleive me but still try to know it. any way i have to go so especially folks who have taken the new exam. let me hear some facts on it okay. thanks and have a good one
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