TrainSignal, CBT Nuggets or TestOut.

I started this week and ordered the Sybex 70-640 book. It has the best reviews on amazon and I simply loved the CCNA book.

I think the videos has been very good as a final preparation before the exam. I would like to know which of these is best regarded in the forums.

Thanks in advance...
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  • Hyper-MeHyper-Me Posts: 2,059Banned
    No experience with testout but i watched both of the CBT nuggets and Trainsignal for 640 and by far CBT Nuggets was more thorough and informational.

    Although Conrad in Nuggets is hard to listen to, his voice is annoying. Coach in trainsignal is easy to listen to but he glazes over important areas.
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    I'm a Conrad fanboy. He takes a bit to warm up to, but I've grown to love him. Literally... icon_redface.gif
  • alokin123alokin123 Posts: 268Member
    if you are an absolute beginner use Trainsignal. If you have some experience and want some exam focused information use CBT Nuggets
  • AlexMRAlexMR Posts: 275Member
    alokin123 wrote: »
    if you are an absolute beginner use Trainsignal. If you have some experience and want some exam focused information use CBT Nuggets

    I am a total noob. Nobody says anything about TestOut? I understand it is a whole program, with labs, exercises and practice tests. They are really expensive in comparisson, considering that the others give you unlimited videos for a month for much less than TestOut's price for only one package.

    My cousin told me earlier today that he was going to get the testout training material. I am now going to fiind out which of Trainsignal or CBTNuggets is the one with the lump sum for certain amount of time of unlimited access to their library. I think that is the most value I can get considering that ive been studying for more than 10hours every day and i have all the time in the world for this...I'll likely be like this for 3-4months.
    Training/Studying for....CCNP (BSCI) and some MS.
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    I was required to use TestOut for the Net+ in one of my classes. I personally did not like it. I prefer to learn the material, and set up the labs myself on my home lab. I think the instruction was kinda boring and i could never make it all the way through one or two videos.

    I recommend CBTNuggets. Conrad's voice does take some getting used to, but he teaches in a way that the information will stick with you.

    When i took the 70-620, during some of the questions, I heard his voice in the back of my mind telling me about the topic at hand. If that makes any sence.
  • tuscanituscani Posts: 121Member
    I have used them all. CBTNuggets is my favorite.
  • ULWizULWiz Posts: 722Member
    They are all great resources. Only used trainsignal for CCENT but have used CBT for pretty much everything else. Conrad is also my favorite. Enjoy watching CBT's cause its not so dry.
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    I used Nuggets for 70-291 and bought Trainsignal vids for Exchange and Cisco. I liked them both.

    They jacked up the prices since I bought those. Nuggets wants $300 for 70-640 and Trainsignal $397 for their Active Directory course.

    Work won't pay for anything more expensive than a book and I can't afford those prices on my own.

    I'm trying to get by with some virtual machines and some technet webcasts for my visual learning.
  • texasittexasit Posts: 147Member
    I have used all three before (trainsignal,CBT,and testout) but I think they are all good depending on the exam.I found the trainsignal material for the 640 to lack in many areas but I found the CBT .I again didn't like trainsignal for the 642 but I found the testout material to be great.So overall I would say

    1. CBT nuggets
    2. Testout
    3. Trainsignal
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