Passed 298 MCSE & :SEC DONE!!!!

Finally I am "done" my MCSE certification!
It took 1 year and 1 week to get all the exams done. I had originally had it booked for last week but had to reschedule to make room for an ISF certification course for work.
I (just)passed with a (not-so)perfect 700! My score for this exam is proportional to the amount of study time I did in the last couple weeks. With everything going on my motivation to study for this last exam wasn't quite what it should have been.
You get 2 hours to do this exam and I was quite shocked to see that it is divided up between the testlets. I almost ran out of time for the first testlet, as I didn't notice that I only had 15 minutes for the reading and the questions, so I was taking my time through the first reading. I think I totally bombed the 2nd testlet as the other 3 seemed straight forward and to the point.
I can't really say that I used the Transcender and Sybex book I bought, as I barely studied for this exam, everything is review so I felt confident enough to tackle this one.
I plan on taking out the Windows 7 exam before December 1st so I can get the join the CM club. In the new year I plan on getting my CCNA, upgrading my MCSE to MCITP:EA, and possibly MCSE:Messaging.
I am going to do a quick review of all the exams just to refresh all the MCSE material before I move on.

Thanks to everyone at TE these forums ROCK!! :)


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