Passed today - but not sure how

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I was in there for over an hour, really sweating it out. When it came time to press the "END" button, I really felt that I would fail (I still had 12 questions with the "mark" which means it was basically a best guess).

Test was ambiguous to say the least - 14 of the "exhibit" type questions, several text questions so poorly worded I couldn't ascertain what the intent was (literally, one question says "you are able to ping all of them inside the server" - can you believe that?!? Are they outsourcing the writing??), and of course a couple of obscure ones (what protocol works with IP to provide error reporting? - I chose ICMP but not sure if that was right, the only other TCP suite protocol listed was SNMP which I have no practical experience with.)

Of course there was a nice stretch of 15 questions that were basics (the stuff covered in the first 3 chapters of any study book) that you could rip off in about 1 minute.

Well, I pressed the END button and was mildly surprised to see "congratulations", but REALLY surprised to see a score of 860.

Now, I don't want to start a conspiracy theory here, but I honestly don't believe I got an 860 on that test. For a fact I know there were four questions regarding "MAU"'s which I answered as if they were "MSAU"'s - yet the score sheet didn't mention that I had missed any questions in that vein. Yeah, that peeed me off too - how many times does the study material mention MAU's? Oh, about once, in passing.

Final note - I never scored above an 89% on any of the practice tests I took (when scored as a straight ratio percentage of wrong/right).

Well, never look a gifthorse in the mouth, I always say. I'm just glad its over.


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