help with internal routing! (ISA 06)

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Hi all,

got a bit of an issue. we use an assigned internal range by our central office. And i cannot have the IP addresses changed. Its impossible!

say its - / 22

okay, now, we have a connection to our internet supplied with /24

and we have another connection, but with /24

I have this as an internal IP address, and it is set up to route to another internal addresses such as

i cannot change these IP addresses as they are assigned from head office, however, i want to route them through our ISA server so that the ISA server handles all the requests for the traffic. (This is security related, and before you ask, yes we have to look after internal security ourselves as its not head offices responsibility)

what i need to do is route traffic from to the host machines such as 10.0.1.x, but it needs to go through the ISA server, even though is considered internal (Which it isnt in theory)

ISA server card external is
ISA server card internal is
ISA server spare for other is

can i use a web listener or is there a better way of doing this?


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