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So after a year of looking I've found gainful employment (yay) but now I want to get off the lists. I was though several recruiters (WASTE OF TIME) and several job sites and the like anyone have any ideas besides just getting a new e-mail address to get off the lists?

I'm using an e-mail address.



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    Deactivate your resume on the job boards. Some recruiters though save a copy for a few months. I would just email them back and say you are already employed. A few of them will ask you to add them to your contacts which I do because you don't know what next month will bring. I applied to Dominoes corporate earlier this summer and they called me right after I started a new job. I called him back and told him this and he asked me to keep his contact information in case something changed. It cant hurt to build your network imo.
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    Sounds like changing your email is your only luck on this one unless you start settings rules with people emails in outlook.

    I would really suggest having two emails at all times. One for personal and one for business.

    Best of luck
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    If they're legitimate sites, you can unsubscribe to all those annoying lists at the bottom of the emails you receive. I've slowly but sure been receiving less crap like that.

    If they're spammers, you're just confirming your email address and will receive more spam ;)
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    Get a Google e-mail account if it is spam. Gmail has an excellent spam filtering system.
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