Seeking evaluation copy of Exchange 5.5

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Hey everyone. I am working through the MS Press book for 70-284 Exchange 2003. I have no experience with any version of Exchange and thought this would be a good start. I'm stuck at Chapter 4 now that I need a server running Exchange 5.5 to complete the hands on exercises. I have been looking and looking and can't find any evaluation software for Exchange 5.5 Would appreciate any help you can offer.


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    I doubt if you can find an eval copy of 5.5. Perhaps your workplace has one lying around? Or maybe it's available via the paid subscription of TechNet, I am just guessing.

    I wouldnt be worried too much about Exchange 5.5 on the 70-284. My exam didnt go into any detail on 5.5, I'd just remember the basics of migration etc. Cant tell you more than this without contravening the NDA.

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    If you really want the hands on, you could probably find the MS Exchange 5.5 training kit REAL cheap on ebay or amazon that would include the software.
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    MSDN or Technet subscriptions should allow you access to 5.5.
    Good luck to all!
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    Just checked my Technet subscription, and Exchange 2003 is the oldest version they have.
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    Thanks anyway. Maybe it's just not worth the hassle. Hopefully studying 13 out of the 15 chapters in depth will be enough for the exam. I am just going to skip 4 and 5 for now and see how I do. Here is some cool stuff. All you old timers surely know this already, but with Virtual Server 2005 you can actually set up a real 2 node cluster with external shared storage even though you don't have the physical hardware. You don't even need a real SCSI drive. It was a pain in the ass, but I finally got it working for a 2 node cluster of Exchange. Now, maybe after 6 chapters of this book I will actually learn how to do more than just INSTALL EXCHANGE???
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    If you have the MS Press Book for 70-284 plus the CBT Nuggets and the exchange 2003 lab, you will be fine. Setting up the exchange cluster is a plus on your study.

    +1 for Essedon, just study the basics on exchange 5.5 migration on your MS Press book....
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