Failed ICND1

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I took the test last Friday. I felt pretty good going into it. I read through the book. Went through the CBT Nuggets Videos. I strongly feel that the issue was the timing. I studied pretty hard before Thanksgiving. And then took an extended break. Then, right before Christmas, I started studying hard again. And then took another break. Finally finished up and went through some exam questions and felt like I knew most of them. Between the breaks in study paired with the brief study questions, I definitely rushed it. ALSO, in a bit of STUPIDITY...I was using a FOUNDRY command on the test and couldn't figure out for the life of me why it wouldn't work.icon_rolleyes.gif I kept trying to do [SHO INT BRIEF] instead of [SHO IP INT BRIEF] I bombed out on one sim on the test. I did fairly well though considering. Final score was a 717 I think.

I wasn't too nervous. I normally test well. I felt that the questions were worded WAY better than the M$ tests. I'm very eager to jump back in there and retake it. But the fear of blowing another $125 slows me down...icon_wink.gif I remember the parts of the test that I needed to work on and so that's what I'll do.icon_study.gif Good luck to anyone else who is about to take it!


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    bummer dude icon_sad.gif but on the good side at least you know where you are weak so hammering those details out shouldnt be a problem. Given you were falling down on syntax I'd probably hit the labs a bit more and get some more hands on.

    A useful tip I've gotten into with exams and still use irl is to tab\? the commands out.

    so "show ip ?" and see what commands are available to me, it acts as a prompt and reminder and saves on little mistakes when switching between vendors.
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    Newbie here...studying for CCNA and CEH....sorry to hear about you and the test---I failed ICND I once before too..750....good luck next time.
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    Sorry you didn't pass. At least you have a good idea of what you need to work on for next time. I have to take my ICND1 exam tomorrow at noon, and I've had a similar study routine. On, off, on, off, on and cram...

    What book did you use? I'm using the Sybex CCNA, Cisco Press (Odom's), and Mcgraw Hill (Matt Walker). That and the CBT Nuggets. I have a decent lab, and am fairly strong on IP addressing/subnetting.

    It looks like I may have to focus on my simulations (well, on my lab) and make sure I have those down.

    Good luck next time!
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    I strongly feel that the issue was the timing.
    Now that you've got that figured out, go back and review/study what you to -- and lab up what you need. Make sure you use the exam blueprint as your guide and understand all the listed topics (and supporting topics that may not be explicitly listed).

    Hopefully there won't be surprises or brain cramps on your next attempt. :D

    Good Luck!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Pay attention to the summarized breakdown of test areas you received after the exam and brush up on those especially.

    Never forget to use IOS help, even when you don't feel you "need" to. It's one of your best friends come exam time.

    Best of luck to you, you'll get it next time!
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    Im sorry you had a rough time my friend. And I wish you the best of luck on your second attempt.
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