Scheduled the PW0-104

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Hi all,

I am scheduled to take the 104 on Feb. 16. I took the 100 once and failed it with a 68% :S right around the time they retired it. I was taking classes and working full time at the time so I didn't feel too confident scheduling it again before they retired it (and I figured learning the new version would be beneficial in some ways).

I work with a Cisco controller based WLAN on a college campus. We have some autonomous APs at our remote sites as well and use a third party access controll/RADIUS solution with them and the controller. I have a little experience with outdoor bridging as well.

I have been using the Sybex study guide and the practice tests offered on the CWNP website. Are there any other good materials I should hit that covers anything the Sybex book may be missing? Any tips are much appreciated. Thanks!


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