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Well, CCNP is complete with the passing of ISCW this afternoon. I had to brave terrible weather to get to the testing center, all in all it took me about 2 1/2 hours when it should have only taken me about 45 mins (we are expecting about 11 inches of snow up in my area). Luckily when I called the testing center they told me that there was nobody behind me scheduled to sit any exams so I could take my time getting there. Huge relief that was.

Anyway, ISCW is not an easy exam so don't take it lightly in the least. Make sure that you're using multiple sources for the material as I found the Cisco Press book to be lacking in quite a few areas. I added CBT Nuggets to the mix and a few Cisco docs online. I have to get my VCP by July 1 to be eligible for a promotion and bonus so that's my next one to take down.
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    Awesome man! Congrats on getting your CCNP. Don't forget to throw a celebration in there!!!
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    Nice work on your pass of the CCNP. Take a short break to get your head clear before going into VMware.

    I just passed my VCP 4.0 about 2 weeks ago.

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    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif

    The CCNP, not just a Certifications, it's an Adventure!!

    Sounds like you earned a celebration for this one -- just as soon as you shovel the snow drunken_smilie.gif
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    Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it.

    @penny: i plan on taking at least one week before hitting the VCP trail, I've heard the 4.0 exam is, shall i say, a female dog

    @mikej: haha, no shoveling necessary, we have dem der snow blowers up here. I had a celebratory weight lifting session afterwards and flexed on all four exam books with saliva and veins and protein power flying everywhere. It's just how I do things after I've owned them lol...i know, i know, TMI...
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats :)
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    Congratulations.. Well done...

    seems a few of you guys are passing you CCNP at the moment. the work place will be awash with you all..

    and good luck moving on to the VCP, but have a few days to relax first :)
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