ONT passed, CCNP done

jason_lundejason_lunde Member Posts: 567
Just wanted to drop a quick note that I passed the ONT today with a 956. I had my doubts whether or not I was ready for this test or not, but I had read through the Off. Study Guide 2x, completed the lab portfolio (what I could with the equipment I had), and watched good ol' Jeremy's CBT's. The test was actually more difficult than the score lets on, I took ALOT of educated guesses; but was not really hit with anything that was not clearly placed on the exam blueprint. I cant honestly say that one topic was hit harder than others; I was given a pretty equal distribution of questions from every category.

So now its time to start IE prep. After listening to many members on here will probably start by going after the IP en route to that though. Now I must start restudying everything I have not used again:)


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