I need a serious advice.

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well, I just want to ask a serious question and I jnow we have many professionals here. I am UK resident. Quite honestly,I couldn't goto attend universities due to various reason. I have completed A+ and Network+ sucessfully. Now I am doing CCNA and MCSA, after completing that I am planning to take CCNP.

Will I still need to regret about university and join next year or this will be suffice for networking career? How much salary do I expect? I go dazzling while surfing job sites and can't figure out what job to apply as I have no previous experience. As a experience I have windows 2000 server machine running in my home with four clients and are under client server evnironment. That's all, I don't know how to start thinking about future career. Will some one help me for career path ?

Lots of thanks in advance.


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    Others may offer more positive advice, but it's getting to the point where a company will not pay you a bit of attention without a college degree. If at all possible, I recommend that you try to get to college somehow.

    Start off small with an Associates degree, then work your way up.
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    start contracting yourself.. unfortunatly this means taking low paying jobs for the 1st year or so (we all had to do it icon_cool.gif past that keep on hunting apply for jobs that require more years of experience than you have (ex. if it says 3-5 yrs and you have 1-2 ) if it requires a degree and u have the certs required and/or the experience apply for it. this is just one of those things..

    Its good to have fear but its bad to let it stop you.
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    Start off small with an Associates degree, then work your way up.

    Thanks mate, So certification is never going to touch uni degrees, am I right ? perhaps, I shall do that if required.But, something obvious like too expensive fees are the cause of a problem.

    Thanks a lot keenon. So I shall start throwing CV everywhere,right? But the pronlem is as I see networking job in jobsites they are like 20-30 grands per year, while seeing them, degree and experience, I have none of them.
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    experience > degree > certs

    the field is getting more competetive so you want a little (or a lot) of each
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