icon_eek.gif What books do you suggest for security +?. Someone on here said they studied with Exam cram 2 and Transcenders and still failed. I have Tcat, test out and security + for dummies? . I did like the test out, but I am not sure. Want the best material really.
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    ...haven't taken the test as of yet, however I picked up Security+ certification "All-In-One" by G White, Security+- Exam Cram 2, and I'm using Maximum security -4th edition, Hacking exposed- Fourth Edition- for 'filler in ers'...along with tech notes from here,coupled with the voucher from, there is a Tcat pdf download. If that pdf is like the one I'm using for net+, it should be quite informative....either way, I'm looking to get the ExamInsights(Security+)- TCat
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    Sulblk27 wrote:
    ...haven't taken the test as of yet, however I picked up Security+ certification "All-In-One" by G White, Security+- Exam Cram 2,

    I've heard from a few friends that these are the best ones, because even the Sybex versions aren't all that well written.

    I also managed to find the Security + for dummies book in the bargain bin, and I look forward to it after I get some other things out of the way.
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    I used the Syngress and did well. However, I also have been in the industry. I liked the book, it was well written.

    I also had a buddy barrow the book and he is going to take it Friday. He thought it was well written also.

    Hope it helps. I suggest if you read two books on any topic you are not confident in.
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    Do you really need to have 2 years Networking before taking this security+ exam? says "The recommended prerequisite for the Security+ exam (SY0-101) candidate is to have the knowledge and skill equivalent of the material comprised within the CompTIA A+ and Network+ certification exams." icon_wink.gif
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