Feast or famine

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Well, for the 6 months since I graduated I've had very little luck finding a job beyond the temp help desk job I've been working. Now all of a sudden within one week I've got 3 interviews for full time jobs.

I did a phone interview tonight for a job that a friend of mine is leaving. Basically it's being "the IT guy" for 3 fairly small family companies (about 100 users and 4 servers.) They need someone pretty quick since my friend turned in her 2 week notice today and he said he had a few resumes of other people he had to call, but mine really jumped out at him. He didn't offer me the job, but it felt like if I had just said I'd do it he would've given it to me.

Tomorrow I have a face to face interview for a permanent position on a different help desk at the company I'm currently working for.

Then on Monday I have another face to face interview (had a phone interview with them yesterday) with another company about a permanent position at their help desk.

It's funny because after looking for so long I had a dream about 2 weeks ago where I was torn between 2 offers and I thought "Man! I wish that would come true!" and now it looks like a good possibility that it might.



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    Take the one that offers the quickest vertical way out of Help Desk. Good luck.
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    Good luck, let us know how it goes. Brush up on your interview skills.
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    I know the feeling, which is worse? icon_smile.gif
    I was demoted to helpdesk for about 3x months, looking for new jobs everywhere but nothing. As soon as I finished an interview at seemingly the perfect company, I get outsourced to a contract designing and building a fresh domain for 650 users.
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    Had my interview for the permanent position at the company I'm currently working for today and it went great. It was with the team lead and he said the manager may want to do a phone interview with me next week as a formality, but as far as he's concerned I've got the job so they may just make me an offer.

    So, we'll see how the other one goes on Monday. But, I'm leaning toward sticking with my current employer as I think it offers the most opportunities internally as it's a huge IT company with many different contracts both government and private sector. The other 2 jobs are IT jobs in non-IT companies. Plus the one at my current company will get me some sort of a security clearance and has better benefits and probably better pay.

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    I had the last interview yesterday and it went fairly well and he said he'd let me know by Friday. Then, after I got home I got a call back about the Security Internship I applied for. They went with someone else for the internship, but wanted to know if I'd be interested in a higher paying full time position. LOL

    I told them I'd definitely be interested in learning about it, so they are supposed to list out the job duties for me and send it to me with some more details by Friday.

    Then, today at work I got a call from my current employer offering me the permanent position. I verbally agreed to it over the phone so they could go ahead send me the official offer so I can accept it and get started on the background check for my clearance.

    I think it's probably my best option unless that other company was to offer me double what they were going to pay for the internship for the full time position. I've pretty much ruled out the one I interviewed with yesterday as there isn't as much room for advancement if I went there.

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    7lowe wrote: »
    I think it's probably my best option unless that other company was to offer me double what they were going to pay for the internship for the full time position.
    Could be possible -- and that would fit with your dream icon_lol.gif

    Congratulations on being wanted!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Heard from the company that I had applied for the internship with and the full time position did pay much better, but not enough to justify moving to San Antonio. So, I ended up accepting the permanent position with the company that I've been temping for.

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    You said that job is for another help desk position. Will you be doing anything different ie, more technical? Will you get exposed to newer technology, more responsibility, etc?
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    The only immediate difference is that I'll have to get a clearance because the desk I'm moving to is for a government contract. Once I'm there a little while I could possibly take on more responsibility by becoming outage coordinator or something to that effect. But, one of the big benefits is that employee's have first right of refusal for all the job openings they have and as is a huge company with lots of private and government contracts there will be many opportunities for me to move on from there.

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