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Hey Fellas

I am back right now at work. I have issue here related to exchange 2007 one of the user has mails in the inbox going upto 2007 but in the sent items only upto 2010 which is quite recent why is this a case I wonder any tips on how to resolve this issue ? I have checked to make sure filter is off



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    Your post is a bit difficult to read. Could you possibly edit the above to amend the punctuation/grammar and also to clarify the issue. Thanks.
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    That person might have had the sent items autoarchived into a PST file (I think the default is 30 days)
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    Thanks mikedisd2 you’re awesome

    blargoe I closed the call as the user went way past expiry date for any recovery, we all here presume she deleted the sent mails by accident or done by someone

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    Could also be an indexing problem

    I would clean views (outlook.exe /cleanviews) as a custom view might be hiding content and force a re-index to see if maybe Outlook is having issues reading the mailbox content ( presuming you are running in cached mode)
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