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So im studying for my 202 and i realized there isnt much books out there for the updated exam. ive read that theres not a lot of difference between the two, but i cant even find a book thats written specifially for the 202. What are some good titles? I have all the free books off the site, but it would be nice to have some hard copies so that i dont go blind in front of this screen.

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    Hey Alex,

    It is disappointing that there are no new Service Provider books and that the only option for most is to use the pdfs. I feel the same way about sitting and reading on a screen all day, and that's why I don't lend out my hard copies of those Sybex books anymore. Almost lost my JNCIS book, and that book is fantastic! Despite their age, I still say those Sybex books are great. It would be great if those books were reprinted or refreshed. Hopefully one of these days....

    As far as structured learning with a goal towards Juniper certification for the SP track, those Sybex books are the way to go. Or, take the classes or find a way to get your hands on the student guides. (Enterprise Routing student guides can be found at juniper.net/fasttrack , which won't get you everything you need for Service Provider, but will give you a start?)

    Another good JUNOS book is the Cookbook. Depending on your level of networking background, that may be all you really need to get started. You say the CCIE-SP will be yours :) so if you're nearing the CCIE-SP level, you shouldn't need to sit and spend all day reading about OSPF stub areas or what a BGP route-reflector does. If you have the theory, use the Cookbook to bridge the command syntax gap.

    I've flipped thru the book Juniper and Cisco Routing: Policy and Protocols for Multivendor IP Networks and it seemed pretty good. Very handy for, as you might guess, multivendor networks. It shows how to configure things in both JUNOS and IOS, and fun things like that. It to is dated though.

    As for exam content, I'm sure something has changed? But I doubt very much at all has. The core concepts are still the same and most JUNOS config remains the same. Skimming thru the exam topics, it doesn't look like anything has been added or removed. Perhaps this is just a periodic change? Remove bad questions? Fix typos? Or, what I suspect, try to justify making people renew every 2 years. Seems silly that I have to renew every two years and the exam hasn't been touched at all in the last 6 :P

    Anyhoo, there's a couple quick thoughts for you.
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    thx zoidberg for your response!! I currently have CCNP & CCIP, and while i do want to pursue CCIE, i just landed a job as a Senior Network Engineer for a major ISP that is a 100% juniper environment (MX480s). Hence why im switching gears to Junos Certification. I suppose having both is the way to go..

    Ive gone through the junos as a second language course and going through both sybex books as well as the cookbook. The cookbook pretty much covers all exam topics, and i could probably pass just by using that. I did see some old titles on amazon, so i guess i will order them from there just to have some hard copies. For lab i setup 6 olives which can interconnect in any which way. So far ive only done simple tasks liek setup ospf, bgp, rip etc etc. I read somewhere that mpls isnt supported on olive.. is that accurate?? Im gonna try to get my hand on some MXs and create a lab at work.. Whats your lab look like?
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    nice. alway good to hear more and more SPs are part of the MX club ;) exciting things coming for that product line.

    sounds like you're well on your way in networking and i can't imagine you'd have too much difficulty with juniper certifications. sounds like you have some good networking background, and if you're throwing together a lab of MXs then the jncip and jncie could easily be within reach.

    i can't remember too well the status of mpls on olives. i thought it was possible? or maybe there were mtu issues or some crap like that? i will defer to the resident olive expert, mr. aldur. or go with google. olive has come a long way since i last messed around with it, and really makes me think i should fire up a couple boxes and use it again. once i grab a new macbook (they were sold out today icon_sad.gif ) i'll put one or few of them on in a virtual environment.

    right now, not much of a personal lab. got some little ssg and srx boxes kicking around at home. local office has a 6-10 srxs, maybe 6 ssgs, and even a ns5200. i think i even saw a erx chassis kicking around, but no point firing it up, i've had enough erx playtime in my day. thru remote offices, i have access to tons of gear, i think, i really need to figure out how to access it all. then at my customer, i play in lab with more equipment than most SP networks ;) granted, i only have access to a handful of the boxes, but it's still a neat environment. srx5800 is the main focus today, with side distractions from the mx960, some isgs, and until i get the srxs in those pesky m10is will keep me busy too ;)
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