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Hello guys,

I am currently indecisive on how to start studying for my ccent/ccna. I only have the A+ but have about 1 year networking experience and really don't want to waste my time on the Network+. I currently work at a home and we do not have cisco switches which I can train with or get familiar with. we have Novell instead :\ so my question is how would you go about to study for this exam without forgetting.. i guess what im really asking is im afraid of reading and watching videos to get ready for the exam and since i have no real hands on experience then forget it if i stop reading or just forget the material little by little. I have some videos and I have the ccent book I bought. you guys recommend buying a couple of switches/routers to train with?


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    When I don't have the proper equipment, I just study the material over and over. I took the CCENT exam and I didn't have all the up todate gear. If you know the material really well, its harder to forget. If you have the money to buy real equiment, go for it!!! Check out ciscokits. They seem to have some good gear on their site.
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    I definitely recommend getting equipment. I would personally tell you to get equipment from eBay as opposed to CiscoKits. You can save more money by piecing together your lab.
    I am currently indecisive on how to start studying for my ccent/ccna. I only have the A+ but have about 1 year networking experience and really don't want to waste my time on the Network+.

    Saying the Network+ is a waste of time is not an accurate assessment in my opinion. If you've been networking for 5 or so years, then the material in the Net+ would probably validate stuff you already know... if you've only been networking for 1 year, I would recommend you start with the Net+. The Net+ would lay the foundation of networking to build upon. It will introduce you to concepts, terminologies, topologies, & a sleuth of other foundation topics.

    These are just my opinions... I hope this helps.

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    Even if you only get one switch/router it will be worth it, if onlyto be able to physsicaly enter the commands and follow the steps. The simulaion questions will be hard if you dont know your way around an IOS.

    Watch videos (CBT nuggets / trainsignels) these will be a massive help if you dont have equipment to practice on, as you can see it in action.

    The CCENT is more theroy than practical so I would start with that, it teaches you the basic of how networks work. For the CCNA you really do want to have a some thing to practice on. If you can get hold of packet tracer 5.2 from cisco you have every thing you need.

    And lastly jsut play around, use google to search topics in the CCNA book and learn. I can assure you there will be things in the final exam that are not completly covered by the books. You are expected to understand the topics in the book, not just remember the material. I am with you on the Net+, if you just wanted an intro to networking then the net+ would be good. But as you are wanting to carry on to the CCNA, then the CCENT will cover a lot of the topics of NET+ and the CCNA will go beyond it.
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    Darian929Darian929 Member Posts: 197
    THanks guys, the reason I dont wanna go for the network+ is that I already know quite a bit about networking, and the topologies and such I want to do the ccent/ccna because I think it covers the network+ and is more valuable on the job market. I do have packet tracer but there is only so much you can do on it, and id prefer hands on wit the real CLI. I'll probably peace together a lab, and switches/routers you guys recommend..? and what quanitity? thanks guys
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    alan2308alan2308 Member Posts: 1,854 ■■■■■■■■□□
    For a real good discussion of exactly what routers and switches you would need for a home CCNA lab, take a look at this post from Wendell Odom. He covers everything you should consider when piecing out a lab.
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