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However! Ok I'm in the process of studying for my CCENT (cisco) however this job requires linux / windows server admin stuff. I know the windows server admin stuff however I don't really want to drop my ccent studying which I take in 1 week to start studying linux. I will don't get me wrong just not for another week if that makes sense.

Now I know linux is largely command line based. I know some of the commands but i'm a definite newb by all means of the word for linux. What are some of the basic things I need to know about linux do you think in order to get by for now? If any of you know linux that is please feel free to offer advice :)


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    Do you have a cisco lab?? Maybe you can connect your linux machines to the cisco lab so you don't have to drop your cisco studies and sorta study both at the same time.
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    Hmm that's a good idea... lol. I do have two cisco 2600 routers with a 2900 xl switch connected currently to a windows xp laptop as the console. I guess I could setup a linux server to connect to them.

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