Failed 70- 682

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Just failed 682 with 661. icon_redface.gif This is my first time failing an Cert exam. Good thing it was my first shot. The exam is a little tricky. I'm a little upset that it doesn't really tell what you are weak at after the test. I'll be taking the second shot in a few days. icon_mad.gif


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    Everyone has failed some time, don't worry about it, it's all part of the learning process (I failed the CCNA and the BSCI on my first attempts - and the latter was AFTER the CCIE Sec icon_redface.gif ).

    I'd wait more than a few days if I were you since you don't know where you fell down - beyond the exam report if you can't look back and clearly define what went wrong then you can't reasonably estimate specific areas to improve over the next few days. Take a week, re-read everything and when the past mistakes do start hitting you clear as day rebook the next attempt.
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    Thanks, After cooling off, I decided to take 2 weeks to study everything again.
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    I learn something new here everyday. I didn't know there was one test you could take to upgrade from MCDST or MCITP:Vista to get your MCITP:EDST on Windows 7.
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    I have schedule my retake for the 24th of this Month. Back to the books, technet, virtual labs and anything else I could find.
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