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Hi Guys,
I just got a job offer for a position with a very well-known consulting firm and I'm wondering if I should accept it or not. It's an hour communte one-way, I would also be taking an 8k pay cut. They would be paying for my clearance/background investigation (had clearance many moons ago, but is expired). My current position is being eliminated at the end of June, and this is my first interview, and first job offer. Should beggars not be choosers here?


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    If its the only job offer you have then I'd take it. Commuting is going to suck, but I'd rather a long commute to a job than no job at all.
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    Big gamble here. When did you start looking? If this is your first offer, but it was also the first week of looking then I could easily see letting it pass. If you have been searching for 6 months and this is the first thing that has popped up, then I would take it.

    An hour commute isn't horrible. It will get old fast, especially if you live in a snowy area. But it could also be something temporary while you keep your eyes open.

    Edit: Another thing I just thought about is your current financial situation. Do you have enough money to potentially go without a job for the next 6 months? If you don't then you are going to have to be a little less picky.
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    I've been searching for about 1.5 months. The severance package I'm going to get from my current job will cover the loss in initial salary for the first year, but I'm thinking that having them get the security clearance done will more than make up for the loss, at least at first.
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    Sounds to me like you ought to take it. In a years time, after your severance wears out, you may have proven your worth more, and they may be apt to give you a raise to help make up for the cut.
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    Given that you have severance to cover the difference, you wind up with a net gain of a fresh security clearance. I guess if you don't mind the commute, then you probably won't go wrong taking the job.
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    i'd take it....for the simple fact that IF you get your clearance(thats not guaranteed), later on you pretty get your pick of the litter when it comes to gov't jobs or jobs w/companies with gov't contracts...and all of those require you to have active SC.
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    BradleyHU wrote: »
    i'd take it....for the simple fact that IF you get your clearance(thats not guaranteed), later on you pretty get your pick of the litter when it comes to gov't jobs or jobs w/companies with gov't contracts...and all of those require you to have active SC.

    I'll agree with this. You have another source of income, so the 8k drop isn't going to kill you. The drive might, but it shouldn't be too bad.

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    I've always been told that 1st offer is usually the best one. However if you feel lucky (do ya?) you can take a gamble and keep looking. Another factor is that commute. Really think about that. I commute 2hrs every day and by the end of the week I'm visualizing running other drivers off the road. I never would just saying :)
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    I gambled, and it paid off. Got offered a position on a wednesday, had another interview on thursday with a better job and higher pay. Interview went awesome and I was pretty sure it was in the bag. Come friday, place #1 needed an answer. I declined in hopes of this second job.

    I got it, and I lived happily ever after. Well not really, I'm ready to do more than service desk.
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    Take it
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    If you are losing your job at the end of this month that means you are getting more then a 8k/year pay cut. Unless of course you were making 8k a year :D

    Take it.
    1 hour commutes are very normal.
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