Today I Passed Network+ 894

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Today I passed the Network+ with an 894. I started studying since 5/17/10 and TestOut & Network+ by Comptia press as my main study guides. I also used the notes on this site as well

As far as additional practice exams, I used kaplan it learning practice test and the ones on this site.

I studied for 6hrs+ a day five days a week with two hour breaks in between (watching tv shows on netflix to keep me sane.)

My next adventure is 70-642.

Motivation: this site and family.

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    I have mine tomorrowicon_thumright.gif
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    Glad we helped move you to succeed. Congrats on the new cert!!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats on the pass.
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    Wow....thats some serious dedication....How many days of 6 hours a day did you study? Thats a little long, I dont have that much free time....maybe 2 hours a day max.
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    Great score! That means you only missed 1 question. Congrats!

    About the 70-642 you might want to do 70-640 first as the 70-642 builds off of it.
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  • SelfmadeSelfmade Member Posts: 268

    what's the passing score on this exam again?
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  • getitngogetitngo Member Posts: 44 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the Congrats!

    Good luck on your exam tomorrow b z

    ITVince 5 days a week for 4 weeks, weekends off. goal is to knock out one cert every month, two months max.

    earweed the original plan (640 then 642), but a friend of mine said that the 642 actually help him on the 640. So I figured why not. We'll see what happens since I bought the book already. 1 question wrong! thats awesome.

    Selfmade passing score for this exam is a 720
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    That's what you call dedication. I too passed my Network+ today with a score of 890. I took a 11 week course and classes were only twice a week, since I don't think I have the dedication to do it on my own.

    P.S. can I post links to videos in here? Too lazy to go re-read the rules.
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    Congrats on the score and the dedication. I plan on taking this test next Friday, and then I am starting on 70-647 and 70-649 (upgrades from MCSE 2003:Security).
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    congrats!!!!!! Can you pls tell us what kind question was ask and which area we need to study more for exam ?????????????

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    I guess it varies on the person because there are various exams. I was fortunate enough to get one that I was pretty comfortable with. Because I did not get any questions on WAN technolies which was the subject that I was dreading the most.

    Of course I got a lot of OSI, protocols, and port number questions. Also quite a few from vlans, port trunking, and wireless questions. Hope that helps a bit.
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    Congrats on the pass! Hope to do the same in a few weeks.
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