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A friend of mine is interested in attending Collins College for an AAS in Information Technology... I'm trying to talk him out of it because the degree seems to touch on a lot of random subjects but doesn't appear to go very indepth into them.

Collins College used to offer a somewhat decent Network Technology degree that went indepth into Windows Server and touched quite a bit on Cisco... but this, degree is not worth the $20k they charge for it; I feel like he's better off getting a certificate from a community college than this.

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    For an A.S. or A.A.S. I would suggest community college. No reason to go elsewhere in my opinion.
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    phantasm wrote: »
    For an A.S. or A.A.S. I would suggest community college. No reason to go elsewhere in my opinion.

    I'll second that. You could easily pay more for it but you are likely to get the same education.

    A lot of AAS degrees touch random subjects and don't get a ton of depth into a single one. That is generally what an associates is for. If you want depth you are going to want a bachelor or masters.
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    You will most likely pay more at the for-profit then a community college. Also you will probably learn the same material and take similar courses. Use the extra money you'll save by going to a community college and study for certifications.

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    It's a for profit college...

    You will graduate, but you will be 20k in debt...

    I would tell him to look at a state community college which will cost you around 5k...
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