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Which is the best book to purchase to prepare for the comptia security + exam, I have two options from what I can see:-

The official comptia security manual from 2008 at about $60, only available from Comptia from what I can see.


Comptia Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead by Darril Gibson (this seems to stand out from this website0

I am supplementing notes also from my CISSP course notes.


Andy Blake


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    ablake wrote: »

    absolutely buy this book.
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    absolutely buy this book.

    Big +1 here. I'm 95% through the book (read in less than a week) and it all makes sense. Additionally, Darril posts on these boards in the Security+ forum. I would highly recommend this book to anyone considering Security+. In fact, I've recommended it no less that 6 times so far to guys at work.
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    absolutely buy this book.

    I've heard so many good things about this book, which is why it is sitting on my desk in the on deck circle right now.
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    I have obtained the areas covered by the exam from Comptia - they are as of 2008 - so I assume the layout of Darrils book and the question style reasonably reflect the expected structure of the exam.

    Also are the questions in a simple format, or are they written in some complicated manner like in CISSP.


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    Security+ is still considered pretty entry level. If you were able to do CISSP it should be a breeze.
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