MPLS, Frame relay, leased line costs UK

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Dose any where know where I can go to get a ball park figure for connecting up 17 sites.

All the carries want me to fill in pages of details, talk for hours on the phone and sign my life away before they will give me a rough quote..

All I want is an idea of ongoing cost per year.

I have one central site that would need a redundent 20mb link. in a hub and spoke topology with 16 remote sites each with a 2mb link.

I mean woudl this cost £10K, £50K, £100K per year. Not wanting hardware or managment, jsut the lines and there support.

Any one have any ideas ??


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    20mb VPLS link from a trusted ISP costs around £600-700 per month.

    In all honesty you need to look at SLA offerings and things like that before you start cost weights, if you need 99% uptime, be prepared to pay for it!
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