Looking for work in NYC

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Any pointers? Besides the web, was thinking of going over to the department of labor to cover more groud locally. I'm still getting my resume in order, plan on finishing by July 1.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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    Hopefully, you keep us updated. I myself lived in nyc and i am studying mike meyers comptia a+ hopefully to get in the field of it. I am 22 and so far base on people post in this forum, there will be lots of challenge
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    Get the resume up to date and I would network myself out to your friends and family and let them know looking for a job in IT. Most jobs come from people you know.
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    Send out your resume to anyone who will listen. But be smart about it, tailor each one for the person who will be reading it. Maybe set up 2 or 3 resumes for the 2 or 3 types of positions you will be looking for, and always customize the cover letter at least with the companies name, and the date. But you also might want to switch it up a little more depending on who is reading it as well.
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    Devilsbane, good idea, going to make one for help desk types, another for admin. I'll post it here, I know there will be lots of corrections I'll make
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    LinkedIn is your friend, find some groups for NYC on there.
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