GNS3 and CCA

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Hi all,
This is my first post so please be nice :).
I have built a CCNA voice lab using GNS3 and VMWare. I am emulating two 3700 routers connected via a WAN link. I am also using VMWare to emulate the IP soft phones (installed on virtual windows xp), so far I have been able to practice plenty of things. The last thing that I tried to do was to install CCA in my local machine (which I have connected to one of the simulated routers through a Microsoft loopback interface). I just wanted to see how the topology and the front view looked like. However, after setting everything up, CCA connects to the router but I got a message saying "Device not supported" and it does really show anything.
Anyone has done this before? Any luck?


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    Welcome to the madness!! :) Sounds like you have a nice little setup there!

    The CCA only supports the UC520/40/60 and SR520 small business class platforms. Unfortunately, there is no way to emulate these devices (at least not yet).
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