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Could someone point me to an example of frame relay via packet tracer(using subinterfaces)? I'm 110% confident in what I got going on on the router side of things(right dlci etc, etc, worked on the real equipment in class)its that cloud thing I think is kinda flingy. Or if its possible to just configure a FR switch in PT itself? if you can anyone wanna post an example? using sub interfaces
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    Here's something that might be of assistance to you. You can configure a FR switch in PT. You use the cloud and it's fairly easy. I seemed to have deleted my old PT files from when I was studying for my CCNA but you didn't really want me to give you the answer now did you? :p More fun to read and learn.
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    Hi JJbrog,

    Below I have copy/pasted from PT 5.2 a working example of "frame relay via packet tracer (using subinterfaces). I copied this code from my "R1#show run" output.

    Note in this lab my R1 router is set-up as the Hub in a Hub-&-Spoke configuration.

    interface Serial2/0
    no ip address
    encapsulation frame-relay
    interface Serial2/0.52 point-to-point
    description PVC to Charlotte
    ip address
    frame-relay interface-dlci 52
    interface Serial2/0.53 point-to-point
    ip address
    frame-relay interface-dlci 53
    interface Serial2/0.54 point-to-point
    ip address
    frame-relay interface-dlci 54

    How about the CLOUD you might ask?

    #1 place Cloud object into your project.
    #2 double click to open the control window.
    #3 select the Config tab.
    #3 set-up interfaces: One for each spoke
    #3a select the local DLCI number & name it
    #3b click the add button, move on to next interface. (repeat)

    #4 under "Connections" select "Frame Relay"
    #5 this is the HUB. now Map/link "Hub-to-Spokes".
    #5a "Hub" serial port to "Spoke" serial port - Add. (repeat).
    #6 Connect all Serial DTE cables to destination routers
    #7 Connect all Serial DCE cables to source Cloud serial ports

    [FONT=&quot]Note: Destination routers link to the Cloud serial ports you configured in step #3 above.

    I like to use the "Serial 0" port as the Hub and the other remaining ports as the spokes.

    When mapping the Hub to each Spoke remember the mapping works both ways. This is called a PVC!

    I used PT 5.2 to recreate the CBT Nuggets training video on Partially Meshed Frame-Relay.

    I hope this helps.

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