Passed CCNA today!!

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That's right I just became a certified CCNA about one hour ago.

A pass is a pass. My score was 834.

I'm a product of self-study. I've been home studying for the better part of this year. This forum has provided me more support than these words can describe. I've read that the self-study path is the hardest path to chose and you will get no argument out of me.

Anyways today I rushed through a ton of questions and ran out of time on the last one. Given more time my score would have been much better.

Over the past month I have worked through a couple of thousand practice questions. I used Boson (via the Wendell Odom's book), Transcender, MeasureUP, PrepLogic and more.

All the study material I used has been referenced throughout this forum so I'll just say I used all the usual books and training videos/simulators.

A while back I failed badly the ICND1 exam. I ran out of time with 50% of the exam unfinished. Failing that exam helped me pass today's exam. It was a right of passage. I call it the "Cisco Smack Down".

Thanks for your support and I hope I have been able to give some back.


P.S. My method of creating and/or doing Labs was to simply re-create practice test questions in my simulator. I got to where I could re-create a practice test question in a simulator as fast as I could type. This method provided me with endless labs!


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