phew.. Passed it..

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Well i just thought i would give a huge thanks to the people involved and people who post on this site you guys helped me out alot.. i passed A+ core today with a whopping 516 haha.. a pass is a pass.. hehe not bad for only 3 days of studying.. i thought i would do a bit better but i guess i am rusty from A+ since it was a year ago i took it in school.. but the tests and info on this site was one of my main sources to study from it was a great refresher.. im pretty dissapointed in myself though just squeaking by wasnt what i was aming for... anyways basically just wanted to thakn everyone on here.. will be looking yet again to all of you for my OS cert.. Later


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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    First, Congrats on passing! A pass is a pass indeed!

    Then, Welcome to the forums!!

    Next, no need for disappointment. Just take the report on the your score sheet and review the areas where you were weak. You should do that as a start in preparation for the OS.

    Last of all, Good luck on the OS!! Everyone will be around catching your posts.
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    Congratz.!!! Goood job and goodluck icon_thumright.gif
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    A pass is a pass!! Congrats!
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    Thanks guys.. Yeah i definitally will be reviewing the areas i got wrong thats a good idea... i have a feeling OS wont be a breeze either atleast i now know i am rusty in the A+ area ;)
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