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I thought i would pass this along, while studying for the SCJP exam, I am recording videos and uploading them to

YouTube - VoidRealms's Channel

They are probably not perfect, I am doing this mostly for review.


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    I checked out one of the vids and it looks like you are doing a pretty good job! I look forward to seeing more of your videos and who knows... you could have your own SCJP VoD course before you know it!

    I wish I had this when I was doing SCJA for WGU undergrad
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  • bcairnsbcairns Member Posts: 280

    I am doing practice tests that came withy the SCJP book, but making the videos really helps me spot my weak areas.

    If I am fumbling my words trying to make a video and it takes a few tries, then it is a pretty clear indication I need to go back and study more.

    Originally I started the channel for my daughter, kinda of wanted ot put most of the computer stuff I know in video form for her to watch on her own schedule.
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    This could come in handy soon... :)
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    Seriously your videos are sweet man! You are very well spoken and the flow of the videos makes it easy to understand the concepts you are trying to put across.

    I am just starting my Java studies and I already have your youtube page bookmarked :)

    Awesome stuff!

    Note: Keep us posted on how your SJCP is going :)

    Kind Regards,
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