Wha? I passed!

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Passed Security+ with a 813 today.

I was very surprised to say the least. I was already thinking about when to retake the exam. Just as other people have mentioned the test has a lot of oddly worded questions that can really make things a lot harder than they actually are.

Compared to the Network+ I found it to be very different. Net+ has a lot more straight up questions. On the Security+ exam you really have to think "Security" and apply common sense a lot more than simply going for technical knowledge. That was my own observation, anyhow!

I used the All-in-One Security+ Exam Guide from McGraw to prepare for the exam. I was expecting a little too much after using Mike Meyer's Book for the Network+, but I have to say it supplied me with the basic mindset of a security professional... which in the end helped me passing the exam. The book tends to go way beyond the exam objectives, which I found to be a little over the top in some cases. While I enjoy extra infos a whole lot it's really not necessary to explain every cryptographic function down to the math for the Security+ exam. It sure felt a little intimidating.. and there's really enough other material to cover.

Onward to CCNA!


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