MSCA - which order?

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i got moved into the IT department (at my request) for my company just over 12 months ago. its a win2k server/network, with some xp machines and any new servers we install we install win2003 server.

ive decided i'd like to get some certifications now that i have a year under my belt in IT.

which order would the exams be best studied/tested for in MCSA ? what are considered the best books to study?



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    Well... you should probably go 270, 290, 291 and fill in with your electives ( As far as books go you should use more than one source, the MS press books seem to be good and I just picked up a Syngress book that I realy am getting fond of and although very thick it is very readable and CBT's are always good for a different perspective. After you've done all that, practice tests from a reputable company (such as Measure-Up or Transcender) are always good for final polishing. Oh and a home lab is always nice for practice.


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    It doesn't matter which order you study but i would begin with the client OS first 70-270 (if MCSA2003) or 70-210 (if MCSA 2000) & so on.

    The Books :
    2)Ms Press Training Kit

    Help Materials :
    1)Crams ( after done reading your book )
    2)Technotes ( from this site ) & ( MC

    Practice exams :
    3)Measure Up
    4)Selftest Software
    5)this Site Itself & MC

    So thats it , I hope i helped you alot. Maybe some other peoples can give you more suggestions.

    I wish you good luck with studying.

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    If you want to use A+ & Net+ as your elective, take them first. If you want to use Sec+ or another MS exam as your elective, I would take it last.

    The usual order seems to be:
    2000 -> Client Exam, 215, 218
    2003 -> Client Exam, 290, 291

    2020 Goals: 0 of 2 courses complete, 0 of 2 exams complete
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