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k I got a new board today....I just got the jumpers on the board but Im not too sure about the USB 2.0 Jumpers in the book that I got doesn't say anything about USB 2.0 jumpers

can anyone help o BTW its P4B533E and the more info on it is here
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    sometimes a motherboard manual will cover several variants of the same model. it is possible that the usb is self-configuring or set-up via cmos.
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    no I don't think so not this one.

    The tower comes with a fornt USB and it has two big coreds and they have jumpers that says:

    Data +1,Data +1,GND 1, VCC 1

    2nd Cored:

    Data +2, Data +2,GND, 2, VCC 2
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    Those arent jumpers. When setting up front USB Ports, that is where the connections to the ports go. You should find that the ports themselves configure automatically.
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    ok, I try to find it on the board but somewhere on the board says "USB 2.0" but I don't know if the connectors go into there? or what
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    You will have sockets (possible on a backplane) that will have leads attached to plugs that fir onto those pins. The USB leads from devices will then connect to the sockets on the backplane
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