Anyone taken 70-682??

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I am scheduled to take Microsoft’s 70-682 exam this Thursday to upgrade my Vista Enterprise Support Technician cert to Windows 7. To the best of my knowledge the exam is a combination of material from 70-680 and 70-684. I have prepared using the Microsoft Press books for both exams.

I was wondering if anyone out here has taken the actual 70-682 exam yet and could provide any feedback on what it was like? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Okay, I guess no one else has taken this exam. I passed 70-682 today with a score of 866. 700 is needed to pass.

    If you have a MCITP Enterprise Support Tech for vista this is a great upgrade exam to Windows 7!
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    I have MCDST (Win XP ) and Planning to get the 70-682 to Upgrade

    Is the Exam easy or Not ? I passed the 70-680 yesterday with 812/1000

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    grats on the pass,
    I took mine on 4/10/10 around the time when most of the study resources available for the exam were less then great. Also this exam will fulfill the requirements for 70-680 or 70-620 if you are planing on going MCITP: EA
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    I took this exam with a second shot voucher the week it came out.. I had been pouring over the 680 book figuring at worst I'd get a good idea of the questions and be able to re-take for free. As expected, I did really well on the 680 portion and lousy on the 685. I failed, and booked the retake a month later, and used that time to scour the limited online 685 resources. On the second testing, I pulled my marks for the 685 into about the 80% range, but apparently at the cost of the 680 knowledge, and scored in the mid-600's overall icon_sad.gif

    I took the summer off and plan to take it once again, hopefully for the last time, in a couple of weeks
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    is 70-682 all you need to upgrade the mcdst to windows 7 cert?
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    What have you all found for study material for this exam w/o reading the books not specific to the upgrade?
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