Yes another lab setup question!

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Alright before someone flames me I've looked and can't find the answers. :)

I'm currently studying for IIUC and then plan to go on to ccvp probably cvoice 8 first.

I currently have:
2611 non xm
1760 with CME loaded and max ram/flash. no vic cards
2950C 24 port switch
2900xl switch

According to this thread

I should be almost good except I think I need a layer 3 switch and some VIC cards for IIUC studies. Obviously less $$$ is ideal but I'm willing to spend a little more on a piece of hardware if I can get multiple uses out of it. I'm not doing this stuff at work daily so I really need to be able to lab everything

What layer 3 switch should I buy?

As far as the VIC cards go I'm thinking of just buying another 1760 with them already loaded so I have two CME boxes. Is this worth the money or can I get something else that will take me further in the CCVP studies?



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    I don't see where you need a layer 3 switch for the CCNA Voice. You just need a switch that supports voice and data VLANs. And the QoS tasks look like describe, rather than configure.

    The CCNA Voice looks like a "single site" deployment model -- or a single small branch of one of the the other deployment models. You can use your home phone line connected to an FXO port (VIC-2FXO) -- just don't practice any 911 emergency calls. An FXS port (VIC-2FXS) will let you plug in an analog phone (or laptop modem or fax machine). To support the FXS/FXO ports in your 1760 you'd need DSPs (PVDM installed).

    If you did add another router, it should be something that supports one of the Unity Express modules/cards. A lot of people will skip the NM-CUE/AIM-CUE for the CCNA Voice because of the expense and just learn the configs (just like the UC-520 configuration stuff). But since Unity Express in also part of the new CAPPS exam for the CCNP Voice Certification, more people may opt to spend the money -- and the XM26xxXM with AIM-CUE may still be the cheapest option.
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    Like Mike said.. no need for L3 swtiching..

    I had a UC520w and it did everythign i needed for the ccna-v. however, its $$ and if i would going to do it again, i wouldnt get the UC series.

    Personally, what you buy depends on where you want to be within the cisco world.

    but, to keep things short and on topic,

    i would personally do 2 routers.. 2600xm's and 1 aim-cue and some 7941's .. im not sure about your switch but i think it should be fine..

    make sure to beef up your ram/flash on those routers as you will at sometime want to try different IOSs, specially if you plan on using them somewhere in your ccnp-v network.. like a gatekeeper/UBE GW.

    2 x 2600xm (max flash ram)
    1 x aim cue (CAPPS / ccna-v)
    2960 (just break down each router, site, to its own vlan and use multiple routers)
    7941+ phones.

    fxs + fxo ports are nice to have but the config is soo easy to remember that its not crucial for the test.. nevertheless, buy them if you got spare change. its worth it.

    get some serial ports if you choose to get 2 routers.. wic1ts are fine.

    if you going to stick with ccna-v then keep thigns simple.. if you plan on going up to ccnp-v or ccie then take a look at some lab examples on this site or google it .. take notice on whats been done, check out the ports, switches, why some routers are soo beefy and then rethink you intial purchase... plan out your network and buy only whats needed now and keep "completing" the network as you start adding certs to your name.
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    Cool thanks for the info....

    I do plan on pursuing the ccvp track after this.

    Maybe I'll pickup a 2600XM and an FXO + PVDM12 for my 1760.

    We have a box of 7940's and power bricks at work collecting dust so I can probably borrow those too.

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