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I gotta say after BSCI and BCMSN I was prepared for this test to be a LOT harder... But I'm glad it wasn't because I passed and got another set of letters to go in my email signature! :)

I don't post much but thanks to the forum, this is a great resource for studying.

Next up... I don't know. I have the books for CCNA:Voice, CCNA:Sec and CCIE written... decisions decisions.


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    Welcome to the Alumni!!!!
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    Congrats! I would say choose what interests you the most for your next one. BGP/MPLS and possibly Arch/Design couldn't hurt towards achieving the coveted CCIE.
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    Congrats, I have this exam scheduled for 2 weeks away :)

    How did you find it? most of my friends that have sat it, said it was quite easy. But I'm unsure what to expect.
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    Congrats, feels good doesn't it? I thought this exam was pretty easy as long as you know the topology and have a good troubleshooting technique.
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    Good for you my friend and congrats!!!


    Hoping to join the CCNP team soon as I only need two passes to get there

    It's looking like ROUTE needs you to really know IPv6 and of course delve deeper into EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, the new RIP version, and of course they want you to know how to plan out network changes.

    I will probably not be ready for TSHOOT until late next year, so hopefully it will still be as "easy" as folks are saying.

    I have never seen an easy Cisco test but then again you never know until you give it a try.

    Anyhow my opinions on the new tests are 100% **** free as I have not sat for any of them.

    Rock on y'all

    Phils in 7
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    Im doing the CCNA:S as soon as I finish the TSHOOT (hopefully next Friday)


    So have you decided yet?

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    CONGRATS!!!! Way to start off the weekend... make sure you drunken_smilie.gificon_cheers.gif

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    well done !
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    Oh I'm not saying it was easy... but it just wasn't as hard as I was expecting.

    There was a celebration last night, to be sure. :)

    Yeah I've been looking at CCDA/CCDP also. Those and CCIE probably have most relevance for my job right now. But I used to be a firewall administrator so the CCNA:Security seems like it'd be easy to knock out and interesting to learn. I think the CCNA:Voice might force me to brush up on QoS and the like... Not sure I want to go down the Cisco voice path very far though because at work we're standardized on Avaya phones.

    I think for now I'm going to take a well-earned break for a month or so. :)
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    It seems TSHOOT isn't that bad for folks who studied their SWITCH/BCMSN/ROUTE/BSCI properly.

    Also, I have to ask, what is NW in your location?
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    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Also, I have to ask, what is NW in your location?

    North West suburbs of Chicago, IL. :)
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