Good books on ASA and FWSM

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If anyone can recommend good books that are current in terms of firewall versions for ASA and FWSM or ACE please add links. Im considering what to buy.



  • mikearamamikearama Member Posts: 749
    I'm partial to the Cisco ASA, PIX and FWSM Firewall Handbook by Hucaby.

    Edit: I should have mentioned, the 2nd Edition. It uses ASA 8 and FWSM 3.2, so you'll find it relevant.
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    I really liked Deal's book -
    Cisco ASA Configuration

    It has the best explanation on MPF.
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  • johnwest43johnwest43 Member Posts: 294
    +1 on Deals book.
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    Make that +2. I finally got around to reading it last month. It's definitely top of my list now. You'll find it better coming from a R&S background, he starts with the ASA's routing functions which is totally at odds with most other guides. I found this odd at first and then it clicked that he was aiming to ease people in from CCNA level, start with familiar material.
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