Recertification, Is this still valid?

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I was looking for a re certification info about Cisco and I bumped into this link. I'm wondering if its still valid? This was posted on 2006.

SAN JOSE, Calif., August 15, 2006 - Cisco Systems® today announced that effective Aug. 18, 2006, individuals who hold an active Cisco® CCNP®, CCDP®, CCIPTM, CCSP®, or CCVP® certification will recertify their professional-level certifications when they pass any other Cisco professional-level certification exam. Certification holders will continue to re-certify their professional level certifications when they pass any CCIE written exam.

Cisco Systems Announces Recertification Policy Update for Professional-Level Certification -> Cisco News

The reason being is I was wondering if i have to take CCNA again if ever i passed the CCNP and my CCNP expires.

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    yes, it's still valid.

    In order for your CCNP to expire you would have to go 3 years without passing a single professional level (or IE) exam. In that case, anything prior (CCNA) would be expired as well.
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    The key word in the quote you provided is "active".

    Getting and keeping an "active" pro-level cert will keep your CCNA from ever expiring. However, in order to keep your pro-level cert and any underlying associate-level cert from expiring, you gotta pass a pro-level exam (of any genre) at least once every three years.

    If you don't, and your pro-level cert lapses, then so do any underlying associate-level certs.

    So YEP... lapse your CCNP, and you'll be doing your NA all over again.
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    Thanks guys. I appreciate the help. Time to study be like you guys! icon_cool.gif
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