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I passed Sec+ today with a 817. Oddly enough i didn't get many cryptography questions at all. That was the area I was most worried about and I poured hours and hours into understanding all of the cryptography details only to get a few questions about it. Anyway
glad to get this one out of the way. I used Darril Gibson's book almost exclusively(well worth the $10). I'll take the Network+ in about a week and a half and hope to have the same result.


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    Nice! you used the kindle version of darril's book.. congrats and goodluck on Network+
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    Congratulations and good luck on the N+. icon_thumright.gif
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    mworwell wrote: »
    I'll take the Network+ in about a week and a half and hope to have the same result.

    You should stomp Net+ easily. Reading the book right now for Sec+ and seeing a lot of overlap so far. Congrats on the pass and good luck on Net+.
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    Yeah the Sec+ overlapped quite a bit, at least in the network sections. I passed the Net+ right before starting studying for the Sec+, when I got to the network chapter of Darril's book, i skipped it completely and still scored around a 90% on the chapter review questions. If you've got Sec+ already, Net+ will not be difficult.
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