JNCIA-Junos by Dec 31

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Yeah; I'm going to try getting the cert by then since I got the email about it being free.

I watched some of the 'network fundamentals' series of videos, but there was little I didn't already know, so I've grabbed the 2 .pdf files available on the fasttrack links. I'm nearly done with the 1st pdf. I also have a couple VirtualBox olives I tinker with while I'm reading the pdfs.

Question is; will those pdf's be enough, or should I grab some other material as well? I'm not sure what to expect.
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    On top of that, I got hold of the JUNOS Cookbook, and JUNOS For Dummies. Both were very useful, and as they were more generalised, they will continue to be useful for further studies.

    However, the JUNOS has changed a little since I did it, it now no longer has the troubleshooting PDF (bigger than the other two combined) so it may be a lot easier to deal with.
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    pdfs should suffice, especially if you have prior exposure to junos.
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    although, i do recommend more study materials to expand and round out your knowledge. stuh84 is on the money with the cookbook and junos for dummies. they're not targeted towards any exam, but there is lots of great info within them. junos for dummies will be a good intro to junos.

    and speaking of, there was a junos fundamentals book in development with a estimate of december. however, that book as dropped off o'reilly's website and amazon.com doesn't show much information about it anymore. hopefully it's still in the works and coming soon? if and when that book arrives, it was slated to be the official guide for the JNCIA-Junos.
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    Whats the code for this promotion? is it valid in the UK as im looking to study this after i finish this semester.
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    nel wrote: »
    Whats the code for this promotion? is it valid in the UK as im looking to study this after i finish this semester.

    I don't remember exactly what the code is, but I beleive its only valid through December 31st. So if you are taking it in the next two weeks or so its probably not much good to you.
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