Taking test at 5 pm CST today

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Doing some last minute study right now. Just retook the end of book exam in Darril's book. First time taking was 2 days ago, got 93% correct. After further study I still have 93% correct. Most of those 7 questions overlapped but there are a few different ones in there. My overall progress showed that I ended up with 92% of the end of chapter questions correct and 87% of the pre-assessment questions correct.

I actually am quite nervous about this one though. I walked into A+ knowing full well i'd kill it and I did. I walked into Network+ knowing I would kill it and I did. Currently reviewing the questions I missed and their appropriate sections in the book to see if I can get the concepts down 100%. I know I don't get a prize for a perfect score but I want to be as prepared as I can be.
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    Using DGs book and doing well on the pretests is a good sign of an upcoming win. Be sure to read the questions carefully as that is what probably trips up most people is not reading carefully. A word or two difference in the question or possible answer can make the difference.
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    good luck.

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    goodluck! im sure you will do well icon_thumright.gif
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