Passed Tibco Businessworks Certification

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I just passed my TB0-114 (tibco activematrix buseinssworks 5) cert. I must say it was one of the most challenging certs I've ever taken. I've worked with the products for some time and still had to really prepare for it.

Thought I would pass along some advice to anyone interested in taking it:

-you MUST have a reasonable amount of experience with the products
-the test ask very detailed questions that most people won't know from experience alone, so even if you know the product a serious amount of studying is required
-read ALL the documentation provided with the products (can be found in the docs folder of the installs), there is a list on the TB0-114 webpage
-some documentation is over 700 pages so take your time
-It is a very difficult exam so don't get discouraged, it took me three times which is the most I have ever needed for an exam.
-the BW611 and BW651 classes are good to get started with the product, but I didn't feel it prepared me for the exam at all, and are very expensive.

I know this isn't a very popular cert due to the cost of a TIBCO Businessworks implementation, but I hope this helps those looking into it.


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