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Hello Fellow Techies,

I got the Boson practice exam for CCNA 640-802 and decided to do the first exam here at work and first time got a 691 as score (Fail) even though I was unable to do a configuration lab because it would not load... don't know why, so I am sure it could have been higher... however after finishing it I went back to the incorrect questions right away and changed the answers to my second instinct and once I changed and re-scored my score was 836... so I am content, what do you guys think should I go through all exams little by little and read up on my mistakes and take the actual?



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    If you only scored a 691 on the practice exam then I'd just go back to studying for now. Remember, you won't be able to go back on the real thing.

    If you keep taking the practice test now you eventually start answering the questions from memory rather than knowing the answer. The practice test is pretty much useless at that point.
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    I did the cisco academy at school and did all four corses already, what really hampers me are stupid questions like which ospf address like or is multicast or whatever and other things. But i have to read up on WAN, ACL and NAT i think are my weekest.
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